Seth Horvitz (Sutekh) is an experimental electronic musician and West Coast comtemporary of "glitch" artists such as Kit Clayton and Twerk. Manipulating and abusing computers, samplers, synthesizers, various acoustic instruments and found sounds, he has created everything from deep, minimal house and techno to dense, dissonant noise collage.

Sutekh has recorded for labels worldwide, including Soul Jazz, Leaf (UK), Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux (Germany), and Orthlorng Musork (US), and has performed live in more than twenty countries on four continents. He has previously written scores for the French animated series “Les Schraubers” and the independent feature film “Pathogen”. Seth established Context Free Media and its associated record label in 1999.


Working in closely with Sutekh and a sound designer, the directors have taken an innovative approach to the soundscape of the project. "Doctor Island" erases the traditional distinction between music, sound effects, and atmosphere.  A single integrated musical composition is being produced that comprises all of these functions, using environmental sounds recorded on location and synthesized organic noises.  This monolithic aural environment will be arranged for multi-channel audio, and will emanate from specific spatial points in the theater – extending the experience of the film into three dimensions around the audience.