The Death of Doctor Island is configured as a cycle of seven short vignettes, and is designed for repeat viewing. It is an experiment - not simply in telling a story, but also in creating an immersive, persistent environment. It focuses on individual interpretation, aiming to provide a unique experience to every viewer. 

morningMuch of the project’s artistic effect will be achieved through extensive post-production.  Nearly every frame of film will be digitally manipulated: blending views from the past into present-day scenes; bringing "The Doctor" character to life via the creatures and objects he manipulates; even showing Nicholas’s split personality literally, as he adopts two distinct facial expressions at once.

the shootUnlike most contemporary films, Doctor Island does not rely on these techniques as mere "eye candy,” but rather to tell a story that would be difficult or impossible to relate in any other way. With over 30,000 frames of visual effects work, this is arguably the most extensive use to date of such techniques in a non-commercial, purely artistic experimental film project.

Doctor Island was shot on 35mm film, on location in Costa Rica and Los Angeles. The edit for each of the seven vignettes has been locked. Sound design is nearly complete. The first vignette is scheduled for completion in early 2008. Five years in the making thus far, the final result will be an integrated, yet disturbing world through which one may explore, but from which one cannot escape.

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